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Terms and Conditions

Cognus Media / Terms and Conditions

This SEO Service (“Agreement”) is by and between cognusmedia and you, is made successful as of the date of execution. This Agreement puts forward the terms and conditions of utilization of cognusmedia services, you are requested to read it properly to your understanding, however, cognusmedia reserves the right to do additional changes in the terms as and when required.

By receiving services from cognusmedia, you agree that;

  1.       You will abide to and agree with the Terms and Conditions defined by cognusmedia.
  2.       Cognusmedia can change its prices without any consent and anytime. Existing customers will be given 1 month’s written notice through email, of any upcoming price changes.
  3.       Cognusmedia can withdraw his services anytime without any consent and any remaining funds for finished work paid in advance for that month will be refunded.
  4.       Your business does not engross in any illegal or unethical commotion.
  5.       You are well aware that Google and other Search Engines refresh their positioning algorithms very often and it may influence finished work and in addition work in advance, and you accept that cognusmedia is not responsible for any such liabilities or risk for these changes in rankings as well as advertising rankings in promoting campaigns.
  6.       Cognusmedia utilizes safety efforts to protect sensitive data and makes regular backups, however you accepts that cognusmedia has no liability or risk for the loss of information or security gaps in your site.
  7.       Cognusmedia accepts no liability or obligation with any transaction that happens between any 3rd party and the client.
  8.       Cognusmedia reserves the right to take a legal action if any of its client violates the terms and conditions.  
  9.       In the event that the customer chooses to withdraw services from cognusmedia at midst of a paid month is non-refundable.

These terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement and understanding of the parties and supersedes any past agreement between the parties. They shall be governed by USA law and the parties therefore agree to submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of USA Courts.